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Pennsylvania Property Rights Association


The Pennsylvania Property Rights Association (PAPRA) registered as an unincorporated association. As such we are an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit. This allows of to operate as a tax-exempt nonprofit. While we can participate in fundraising, it should be noted that donations to the Pennsylvania Property Rights Association are not tax deductible.

The consultants involved in PAPRA offer their services in a partnership supported through voluntary means. No consultants are paid for their opinions, likewise, none of our consultants is paid to have an opinion. This offers them the freedom of association within the partnership to advance the issues related to property rights while protecting the autonomy of their own decisions and actions or the decisions and actions of other groups with which they are involved.

The Constitution of PAPRA is a loose set of guidelines related to keeping discussion on topic giving each consultant a vote in endorsements of legislation and candidates that support the defense of property rights in Pennsylvania. The Consultants represent the the largest sector of truly independent voices who have committed to extensive research in the compiling of data related to the issue of property taxation.

By registering as an unincorporated association, the name of the organization is protected providing ownership of the name. It provides us with the ability to further advance the issues through lobbying related activities associated with testifying on behalf of the organization giving us a more credible voice in the process allowing us to better facilitate the advocacy for the cause..  

Under the Consolidated Statutes in Pennsylvania (15 PA Cons Stat ยง 9114 (2016)) the registration as an unincorporated association defines the following status of such entities as follows:

(a) Legal entity.--A nonprofit association is a legal entity distinct from its members and managers.

(b) Perpetual duration.--A nonprofit association has perpetual duration unless the governing principles specify otherwise.

(c) Powers.--A nonprofit association has the same powers as an individual to do all things necessary or convenient to carry on its purposes.

(d) Profits.--A nonprofit association may engage in profit-making activities, but profits from any activities must be used or set aside for the nonprofit purposes of the nonprofit association.

(July 9, 2013, P.L.476, No.67, eff. 60 days)

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